The Budgie the Little Helicopter kiddie rides are coin-operated toys from Mitchells Children's Rides (formerly R.G. Mitchell), while two Budgie designs were made by Kidzstuff.


One model is of Budgie himself, while the other model is of the Black Rock Lighthouse. The Black Rock Lighthouse ride is an interactive kiddie ride (similar to Snow White's Enchanted Castle and the Musical Mushroom, also by MCR) which is extremely rare and hard to find, with a semi-circle rotating movement, an interactive memory game with 8 pushbuttons and characters Pippa, Oliver, Chuck, Budgie, Lionel, & Jean Claude, who also appear on the game. Single and double seater versions of Budgie himself were made by Kidzstuff, with two character phrases: Budgie saying "Rocketing Rotors!" and Chuck saying "Gee, you guys are slow!" and played the theme tune while the ride was in motion. The R.G. Mitchell version of Budgie was more popular in the UK.


The Budgie ride has 2 joysticks to make him say 4 different phrases. Some Budgies have 2 black joysticks with 2 red pushbuttons, while some have joysticks with no buttons. The buttons on the RGM Budgie model make Budgie say a phrase, while the joysticks make him say a different phrase. The phrases included are "Budgie to Pippa, come in Pippa!", "Juddering Joysticks!", "Wheeeee! This is fun!", and "Rocketing Rotors!". This ride has flashing LED lights inside the cockpit that light up along to the music inside the dashboard.


  • Mitchells (the maker of old rides like Sooty & Co, Bill & Ben, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Postman Pat, Engie Benjy, Jimbo and the Jet-Set, Tots TV, etc.) was the maker of both Budgie rides, but folded in July 2005. Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides) LTD (the maker of the EZEE Swap rides, Make Way for Noddy, Bob the Builder, Underground Ernie, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, etc.) now refurbish the Budgie design. One Black Rock Lighthouse was sighted in Scarborough and was refurbished by Northern Leisure Group (a.k.a. Kiddy Rides UK) of Leeds.

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